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Basic HTML

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    Multiple Choice

    1. Which of the following are the 4 major structural tags used in an HTML page?

    <A HREF>

    2. Which heading tag has the largest and most prominent font?


    3. Which of the following describes the output of an <HR> tag?

    A horizontal line.
    An image.
    Number of Home Runs.
    A Human Resources Page.

    4. Identify the three tags that you need to create a table.


    5. If you want to change the background color of the Web page, which tag would you edit?


    6. In HTML a series of 6 letters and/or numbers (i.e. F0E68C) is a _____________.


    7. Name the three types of graphics that are supported by most Web browsers.


    True or False

    8. HTML stands for HyperText Markdown Language.

    True False

    9. The <html>, <head>, and <body> tags are optional in HTML documents.

    True False

    10. The output of HTML Web pages will always be consistent between Netscape and Internet Explorer.

    True False