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Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting

    1. Which protocol used with windows NT/95 is routable in its native operation?


    2. Which key network management area is not one of the ISO-defined functional areas of network management?

    Fault management
    Security management
    Accounting management
    Quality of service management
    Configuration and name management

    3. Which type of device is commonly used to check STP, UTP, 10BaseT, and coax for near-end crosstalk, authentication, and noise?

    Cable tester
    Breakout box
    Volt-ohm meter
    Protocol analyzer
    Digital Multimeter

    4. Which command checks for routing packets in a network that use TCP/IP within a Windows NT/95 environment?

    Debug icmp
    Debug eigrp
    Debug IP rip
    Debug igrp events
    Debug IP igrp transactions

    5. You want to escalate a network problem to Cisco Service and Support. Which comprehensive method should you use in a Cisco IOS software (Release 11.0 or later) to gather facts?

    A priority 4 call level dialog
    The slow version command
    The show tech-support command
    The case management update command
    Remote access using telnet to an auditory port

    6. Which CCO resource can provide World wide web-based access to the list of field replaceable units (FRUF index) if you want to provide for spare parts?

    Cisco NetSYS
    CCO Bug Toolkit
    CCO Documentation
    CCO Configuration Tool
    CCO Troubleshooting Engine

    7. What is the primary function of the Cisco NetSYS tools?

    Initial network design for VLANs
    LAN and WAN protocol imitation
    Stress testing on SNMP network
    Network simulation and modeling
    Reconfiguration or redesigning documentation

    8. Which CCO resource can provide World Wide web-based access to major code upgrades and maintenance releases of Cisco software products?

    CCO marketplace
    CCO documentation
    The Software center
    The configuration agent
    Image authentication support center

    9. On the output of the Cisco IOS show controllers token command, what are the two main types of software errors that an internal controller can count?

    Signal loss or wire fault
    Isolating and non-isolating
    Single ring or multi-ring errors
    Internal error or external error between the station and its NAUN or its downstream neighbor

    10. Which type of protocol requires an application to request retransmission of missing or corrupt packets?


    11. What is the advantage of a connectionless protocol?

    No need for upper layer connection
    Protocol independence

    When troubleshooting isdn BRI router problems, the Cisco IOS debug commands provide an ongoing display that includes a captured flow of packet fields. Match the output from the list with the appropropriate debug command.

    Note: A command may be used more than once or not at all.

    12. debug bri

    13. debug isdn q921

    14. debug isdn q931

    15. debug ppp authentication

    16. debug ppp negotiation

    17. debug dialer

    Multiple Choice

    18. What is the purpose of the debug IP icmp command?

    To send ICMP requests to all neighboring routers
    To display a verbose explanation of ICMP ping results
    To check if the trace process is using UDP time to live
    To troubleshoot problems with the ICMP protocol stack
    To check if the router is sending or receiving ICMP messages

    19. Which Cisco IOS command provides the quickest summary indication of the three ISDN layers?

    show isdn status
    show tech-support
    debug isdn-summary
    show controller bri
    show interface bri n

    20. You have initiated an action plan to resolve a network problem, but the network continues to perform poorly. What should your next action be in order to resolve the problem?

    Gather additional facts to see if the action plan was incomplete
    Evaluate the underlying assumptions and problem definition for validity
    Iterate the process and, as required, undo the changes that did not work
    Repeat the process and modify additional variables until a solution is reached.
    Reconsider the possibility that there are other interworking complications from other devices

    21. What does a switched VLAN correspond to in the VLAN routing paradigm?

    Bridge group
    Router interface
    ISL trunk identifier
    Single-routed subnet
    Spanning-tree branch

    Use the following image to answer the next question.

    22. This is a sample of a LAN protocol analyzer capture. What does SNAP mean in the exhibit packet?

    Subnetwork access protocol
    Super non-applicable protocol
    Serial network access protocol
    Substrata network access point
    Second node alternative protocol

    23. Which four statements about the ping ipx command in Cisco IOS software are true? (Choose Four)

    The command works on Cisco IOS software Release 8.2 or later
    The command was part of Ciscoís IOS software before a ping command was developed by Novell
    The command default is to operate like Novellís IPXPING NLM conforming to the NLSP 3.0
    With the privileged form of the command, a higher repeat count than 5 (the default) can be specified.
    Many of the commandís return characters are comparable to those used with a ping in the IP protocol

    24. Which statement about the embedded RMON agent and SwitchProbe functions in Catalyst software is true?

    SPAN is an option of the SwitchProbe function.
    The functions use all RMON groups as well as RMON2
    The function of SwitchProbe offers an in-band link to the network manager
    RFC 1757 RMON groups supported are statistics, events, history, and alarms
    The functions can monitor segments as long they use 10BaseT or 100BaseT (Fast Ethernet)

    25. With a single switching bus on the Catalyst 5000, what process controls how packets access the backplane as they transfer to destinations on the switch?

    A crossbar operation controls blocked packets
    Memory buffers prevent oversubscription to the bus
    Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) perform bus arbitration
    Address recognition determines if access will be cut-through or store-and-forward
    A network master control processor checks its management table for packet priorities.

    26. Which Catalyst 5000 command is comparable to the routerís Cisco IOS software command, show running-config?

    show run
    show config
    show startup-config
    system show

    Use the following image to answer the next question.

    27. This is a sample of a LAN protocol analyzer capture for IPX. Which two troubleshooting facts can be derived from the exhibited packet? (Choose Two)

    This is a broadcast packet
    This is a Novell-ether frame
    This frame uses the SNAP format
    The IPX portion is a connection-oriented protocol.
    This portion of the frame is a network layer protocol.

    28. IP routing often uses a table that shows the correspondence between network and LAN hardware addresses. When troubleshooting, you want to check if hosts are in this table or if there are any duplicate routes.

    Which Cisco IOS command should you use?

    show ip arp
    show ip hosts
    show ip routes
    show ip interface
    show ip addresses

    29. In contrast to shared Ethernet, switch Ethernet on Catalyst switch does which two? (Choose Two)

    Provides greater access to bandwidth
    Connects directly to end users or other switches
    Uses software to set up and maintain a filtering database
    Has fewer utilities, which makes management more difficult
    Is usually limited to a maximum of 16 ports and eight spanning trees
    Associates a MAC source address with a set od ports for transmission

    30. In Frame Relay, there is a configured association between a DLCI and another protocol, for example, an IP address. Which command displays information about this association?

    show frame-relay
    show frame-relay map
    show frame relay dlci
    show frame-relay counters
    show interface [number] dlci

    31. The privileged ping command is Cisco IOS software for TCP/IP allows you to check for MTU, set data patterns, set a source address, and record the route used. Which subcommand in privileged ping lets you select these features?

    Identify IP as the selected pig protocol
    Set each feature individually as promoted
    Yes to the prompt for extended commands
    Yes to support IP header option commands

    32. BRI layer 1 activation on the S/T interface (whereby Layer 1 is up) occurs immediately after_______.

    The NT sends frames with the A-bit = 0
    The TE becomes active with a 7E signal
    A synchronized exchange of S and T bits
    The line code violations set synchronization
    The TE and NT synchronize and NT sends A = 1

    33. The Cisco router can augment VLAN operation on Catalyst switches by performing VLAN translation. Which protocol pair is an example of this VLAN translation?

    HSRP to/from HDLC
    IEEE 802.3 to/from ethernet Raw
    IEEE 802.1Q LANs to/from IEEE 802.10 FDDI
    Apple Talk Phase II tunneled to/from EIGRP
    Inter-Switch Link Protocol to/from VLAN Trunking Protocol

    34. Which Cisco IOS command should you use to get the initial facts about a routerís system hardware, to see how long the system has been up, and to find out the general situation that caused the last system boot-up?

    show start
    show version
    show processes
    show configuration
    show system details

    35. Which four statements about the inter-switch link (ISL) specification are true? (Choose Four)

    ISL adds an extra 30 bytes to the frame
    ISL is for point-to-point connections only
    ISL can support token ring as well as Fast Ethernet
    ISL replaces the original LAN frame FCS with its own CRC.
    ISL adds or removes its frame tagging and FCS fields for traffic between VLAN capable Cisco products

    36. What are four reasons for proper handling of Cisco troubleshooting tools? (Choose Four)

    You need to know the impact of tools on router performance
    You need to know the most selective focused use of the tools
    You need to know how to minimize the impact of tools on other processes.
    You need to know the MIB items of the tool to interwork with network management.
    You need to know how to stop the tool operation when you finish troubleshooting

    37. A VTP domain is a group of one or more interconnected devices that share the same VTP domain name. Which statement about a router within a VTP domain is true?

    It can be a VTP server or client
    It can participate in switch-oriented VTP
    It can create, modify, or delete VTP VLANs
    It can be transparent (forward messages) for VTP
    It can initiate and advertise domain change messages

    38. Which process assesses the destination and source of traffic given knowledge about network condition?

    Best path
    Open shortest path

    39. When troubleshooting an ISDN call, which trigger do you check to determine what initiated the BRI call?

    TE active with TE
    PPP negotiation initiated
    Q.921 and Q.931 activation
    NT sync acknowledgement with A = 1
    DDR with a dial string to a destination

    40. When troubleshooting, how can you ensure the problems are not with the domain name system (DNS)?

    By examining the routing table entries
    By examining the routerís configuration
    By using IP addresses rather than names
    By checking for obsolete address resolution entries
    By using ping or trace to verify its communication path

    41. Which command reports the discovery of new zones?

    debug apple zip
    debug apple errors
    debug apple routing
    show apple interfaces
    debug apple getzonelist

    42. With the Catalyst 5000 switched port analyzer, what is identified by the destination module/port identifier?

    The destination of ISL packets on another switch
    The port mirrors traffic to a protocol analyzer
    The destination of ISL packets on an outbound port
    The destination for a spanning-tree BPDU to the root bridge
    The destination portion of a MAC source/destination address pair

    43. Why is process switching relatively slow when tracing the process of packet flow in a router as the Cisco 7000 series routers?

    There are delays from building the routing table in the RSP.
    There are delays from striping layer 3 packet headers in the SSP.
    It must interrupt the RSP for the time is takes to copy the packet from the SP to the RSP.
    It must interrupt the RSP for the time it takes to copy the packet from the RSP to the SP.
    There are delays checking to learn if there is already an entry in the silicon switch cache.

    44. What does the ipx ping-default Novell command do?

    It changes the ping format to Ciscoís Novell tunneling
    It sets the nondefault ping to correspond to Novellís NLSP specification
    It adds a framing correspondence for Novell encapsulations on an interface
    It assigns the ping target address for IPX when it is tunneled over an IP network
    It sets the address that is advertised by NLSP and IPXWAN on all router interfaces

    45. Which privileged Cisco IOS command can you use to obtain a comprehensive output of a routerís condition that can be sent to your tech support engineer?

    show all
    show firmware
    show controllers
    show tech-support
    show running-config

    46. Which step follows isolating a problem to a specific device such as a router or switch?

    Trying to isolate the problem within the specific device
    Swapping out the router or switch and observe the result
    Running diagnostics on interfaces and reload all software
    Applying all patches and upgrade all software to current release levels
    Doing a search on the CCO Troubleshooting Engine and CCIE Forum

    47. The performance on VLANs is often slow or unreliable. Which aspect of the network is NOT a possible cause to check when you troubleshoot?

    Collisions occurring in the switched ethernet domain
    Bad adapter in a client or server system in the VLAN
    Incorrect or inconsistent ethernet settings for half- or full- duplex
    Cabling connection problems, such as RJ-45 cable improperly attached
    Cable distance exceeded, such as 100BaseT with 200-meter segment length

    48. The show ipx traffic command shows the bad hop count increasing. Which problem is a likely source of these symptoms?

    There is a back-door bridge between segments
    Routes are unpredictably appearing and disappearing
    Error recovery is beyond 15 hops with redundant links
    Nonroutable protocols could reach remote destinations
    There is decreasing routing throughput at NetWare file server PCs

    Use the following image to answer the next question.

    49. If the show ipx traffic command shows a bad hop count this usually indicates that there is a backdoor bridge between segments.

    This is an ISO1 frame type
    The data link layer uses the SNAP format
    This frame uses IP as the network layer protocol
    The purpose of this frame is for route selection
    This frame uses a connection-oriented communication
    This purpose is to find the ethernet address of
    The purpose is to find the ethernet address of

    50. Which command displays the flow of IP packets transmitted between local and remote hosts?

    show ip access
    debug ip packet
    show ip buffers
    debug ip traffic
    show ip transmitted

    51. What should you do if you are checking the frame relay PVCs and only the local DLCI.0 or DLCI.1023 can come up?

    Check if the DLCI usage should be switched rather than local
    Try to reconfigure so that DLCI 0 is used for the Cisco LMI DLCI
    Check if FECN or BECN indicate congestion in the provider facility
    Contact the service provider and state you have no data-passing DLCIs
    Contact the service provider and state that you are having problems with the LMI

    52. For troubleshooting completed copper cables, one important problem to check for is incorrect cable type. What would you check for this problem?

    That the cable is category 5 if you want to use it for ethernet
    The number of pins on one side of the RJ-45 cable connector
    That the distance limitation does not exceed the length of the cable
    If one side of the cable is transmit only, while the other side is transmit/receive
    The RJ-45 connector at both ends to determine if it is crossover or straight-through

    53. What is the purpose of the debug arp command?

    To display the ARP cache contents
    To show the flow of active routing packets
    To send an ARP request to all attached routing neighbors
    To determine if the router is sending and receiving ARP requests/relies
    To place a new list of IP/hardware addresses for all hosts on attached segments into the routerís ARP

    Use the following image to answer the next question.

    54. This is a sample of a LAN protocol analyzer capture. Which troubleshooting fact can be derived from the exhibited packet?

    The transport layer protocol is DDP
    This is a connection-oriented protocol
    This protocol utilizes IP as a transport
    The frame type is ethernet 802.3 with LLC
    This is a DecNet Discovery Protocol packet
    This is a Apple Talk routing information packet

    55. In Apple Talk, the encapsulation of a DDP packet failed or the Apple Talk ARP Failed. The output of the Cisco IOS show appletalk traffic command indicates this by incrementing the count for _______.

    Unknown errors
    Checksum errors
    Bad packet errors
    MacIP failure errors
    Encapsulation failed errors

    56. What should you inspect to check for an indicator of an active link state on a Catalyst port?

    Port link LED on the switching module
    Port link OK LED on the link integrity module
    Status LED on the network management processor
    Switch link load LED on the supervisor engine module
    Solid green LED on for the portís route switch module

    57. You want to see how long it has been since the counters have been cleared so that the count can renew. You must check for a line in the output of the _________ command.

    show counters
    show interface
    clear counters
    show controller
    show cdp counter

    58. On the Frame Relay DTE/DCE, which configuration element will the router autosense so you can troubleshoot?

    LMI Type
    Destination DLCI
    Hardware interface
    Keepalive increments
    Layer 2 encapsulation

    59. Where are the graphical user interface applications found for the high end of the tools in troubleshooting and managing Catalyst switches?

    Traffic Director

    60. When troubleshooting a connectionless protocol it is usually helpful to check if there are problems indicated by ______.

    Sequence numbers
    Flow control and Windows size
    Connection-oriented upper layer
    The unplanned transmission of data
    Multiple retransmission of data segments

    61. When troubleshooting a connection-oriented protocol, a key symptom to look for is ______.

    Upper=layer connectionless traffic
    The IP layer-three Datagram framing
    Multiple retransmission of data segments.
    Data packets in a stream arriving out of order.
    Errors in data not reported back to the sender

    62. On the output of the Cisco IOS show interface token ring command, a large number of transitions from up to down or vice versa can indicate a problem on the ring. If transitions come from a growing number of interface resets, what is a likely cause?

    A lobe cable failure on the ring
    The multicast group address in transition
    A station on the ring transmitting beacon frames
    The ring speed set incorrectly (16 Mbps or 4Mbps)
    The clash between an active monitor and a backup monitor

    63. Which type of device is commonly used to measure attenuation and return loss for wavelengths such as 850nm, 1300 nm and 1550nm?

    Volt-ohm meter
    Digital Multimeter
    Optical Multimeter
    Fiber-optic cable tester
    Time domain reflectometer (TDR)

    64. Which type of device is commonly used to locate opens, shorts, crimps, links, sharp bends, impedance mismatches, and other defects in cables?

    Digital Multimeter
    Optical Multimeter
    Cable defectometer
    Fiber-optic cable tester
    Time domain reflectometer (TDR)

    65. In a Windows NT/95 networking environment, what is the most likely cause of a browsing problem?

    An IP access list is misconfigured
    The network neighborhood is down
    The LMHosts file has been corrupted
    A time to live has expired during WINS update processing
    Several NT systems are set up as master browsers and send inconsistent updates

    66. Which type of device is used periodically to record, interpret, and display how a communication protocol operates in a particular network architecture?

    Network monitor
    Protocol analyzer
    Digital Multimeter
    Packet coder/decoder

    67. What is the first thing to be determined as an action plan for troubleshooting Windows NT/95 TCP/IP networks?

    If the local host configuration is correct
    If the NT server configuration is correct
    If the resolution of WINS to p is correct
    If the alternative connection with active IP works
    If there are problems with the router configuration

    68. Which error logging method produces the lowest overhead?

    Log on alert only
    Logging to the console
    Logging to a Syslog server
    Logging to an internal buffer
    Logging to the remote console

    69. One common problem area with Novell IPX networking invokes the configuration of incompatible encapsulation types. What is the Cisco IOS term used as the equivalent to Novell 802.3 raw (called ETHERNET_802.3 in NetWare)?


    70. While you are using the problem diagnostics of a Cisco IOS debug command, which type of switching does the router use?

    Fast switching
    Silicon switching
    Process switching
    Optimum switching
    Autonomous switching

    71. Which troubleshooting process step involves a set of symptoms and associated causes?

    Defining the problem
    Verifying information
    Logging the trouble ticket
    Getting approval for the action plan
    Isolating the problem to the device level

    72. A host wants to initiate a session in the TCP connection sequence or wants to acknowledge that it has received an initiation request. Which packet type does it send?

    SYN packet
    ARP packet
    Synchro packet
    TCP ACK packet
    ARPA initiate packet

    73. Which Cisco IOS command keeps track of when debug elements occurred and the duration of time between events?

    Debug all
    Access list
    Debug events
    Terminal monitor
    Service timestamps

    74. Which problem is likely to cause an inability to see zones or services outside a given routerís own network?

    Phase1/phase2 incompatibility
    Incorrect AppleTalk encapsulation
    Clients not configure with a default gateway
    Too many zones configured for a single network
    Disagreement about cable ranges and zone names

    75. What is the purpose of VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)?

    To set trunk priority levels for adjacent switches
    To adjust VLAN inter-switch links for parallel load sharing
    To make sure that there is a trunk or VLAN1 operating
    To propagate global VLAN information
    To map the noncontiguous switch fabric across the global VLAN

    76. A host wants to initiate a session in the Novell connection sequence. What must the host do before the client can send NCP requests to log in to a server?

    Receive a RIP reply
    Receive a GNS reply
    Broadcast a SAP GNS request
    Send a RIP request to find a route
    First C, then B, then D, then A
    First D, then C, then A, then B

    77. When checking that the switch and router are consistently configured for VLANs, what use of VLAN ID 1 do Cisco engineers typically recommend?

    Has the maximum transmission unit of 4352
    Is configured for concurrent routing and bridging
    Is used for management and troubleshooting only
    Uses an ID that is identical to the default SAID value
    Spans a network diameter of no more than eight devices

    78. In a Cisco IOS command show interface serial, one status field to check is the interface resets. Which situation is NOT a cause for a complete interface reset?

    A problem with the synchronous clocking signal
    A problem with the Frame Relay switch or DSU/CSU
    A hardware problem with the router interface or cable interface counters cleared with the clear interface
    Packets queued for transmission not being sent for several seconds
    A router restarting the interface due to persistent line protocol down

    79. Which two options are used by basic LAN switching? (Choose Two)

    IEEE 802.1D
    IEEE 802.10
    Multicast OSPF
    Spanning-tree bridging
    VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
    Multiprotocol over ARB (MPOA)

    80. You want to observe the spanning-tree port state such as disabled, blocking, listening, learning, forwarding, and so forth. Which Catalyst 5000 command should you use?

    show port
    show span
    show spantree
    show config spanning
    show spanning-tree port

    81. Catalyst 5000 troubleshooting begins with the Catalyst 5000 module located in the top slot of the chassis. What does this slot contain?

    Ping and Telnet utilities in the route switch module (RSM)
    Three Fast Ethernet ports that an connect to other systems
    Interface module with LEDs to indicate errors and load factor
    Embedded RMON, SwitchProbe, and switched Port Analyzer (SPAN)
    Console and network ports in the supervisor engine module

    82. For troubleshooting the Catalyst 5000 ISL, one important problem to check for is inter-switch mismatches. Which command checks a module/port to display the trunking status, VLAN active status, and VLANs that can use the link?

    show span
    show vlans status
    show vtp domain info
    show [module/port]
    show trunk [module/port]

    83. Which problem is the likely reason that certain TCP/IP protocol services are available but not others?

    A default gateway is not set
    The extended IP access list is misconfigured
    The routers are misconfigured with duplicate addresses
    There are two separate networks with the same address
    The IP subnet mask configuration on a router is incorrect

    84. When troubleshooting the Layer 1 ISDN S/T interface on an RJ-45 cable, you should check for physical damage to the cable or bad connectors. Which pins are the key pins used for ISDN signal connections?

    Pins 1, 2, 3, and 4
    Pins 2, 4, 6, and 7
    Pins 3, 4, 5, and 6
    Pins 3, 6, 8, and 12
    Pins 1, 2, 7, and 8

    85. What is the source of a common Novell network problem referred to as configuration mismatch?

    Cisco routers are not supporting Novell proprietary frame types.
    NetWare servers on the same network use different frame types.
    There is decrease routing throughput at NetWare file server PCs.
    Inconsistent frame types are used by the IPX clients and servers.
    Servers or routers have assigned different network addresses to a common network.

    86. When you see the LEDs flash during the Catalyst 5000 power-up sequence, what is indicated?

    The power-up sequence is under way and not yet completed
    One or more modules are not correctly inserted into their slots
    One or more fan, power supply, or supervisor clock is disabled.
    The network management autodiscovery process is under way
    The traffic testing process of an interface loopback has not yet completed.

    87. A Catalyst physical port that is a trunk can be several spanning trees. On this shared topology, loops in one spanning tree _______.

    Are segmented from the other spanning trees
    Do not have any impact on the other spanning trees
    Can have a media load impact on the other spanning trees
    Use a Time to live mechanism to put an end to loop pollution
    Can be isolated from the other spanning trees with root port settings

    88. The ISDN BRI physical frame is 48 bits in length. At 4000 frames per second, it provides 192 Kbps. Which four statements about the use of this bandwidth are true? (Choose Four)

    The 2B+D occupies the entire frame.
    B channels are 64Kbps and the D channel is 16Kbps.
    Some bits of the ISDN BRI frame are used for synchronization and collision avoidance.
    On the local loop, full-duplex logical channels coexist using time-division multiplexing.
    The A bit of the ISDN BRI frame is used during line startup to indicate physical layer activation.

    Use the following exhibit to answer the next question:

    A. Serial 1 is up, line procotol is down
    B. Hardware is MCI serial
    C. Internetr Address is, subnet mask is
    D. MUT 1500bytes, BW 1544KBIT, dly 2000usce, rely 246/255, load 1/255
    E. Encapsulation FRAME-RELAY, loopback not set, keepalive set (10 sec)
    F. LMI enq sent 2, LMI stat recvd 0, LMI upd recvd 0, DTE LMI down
    G. LMI enq recvd 266, LMI stat sent 264, LMI upd sent 0H LMI DLCI 1023 LMI
    H. type s Cisco frame relay DTE
    I. Last input 0:00:04, output 0:00:02, output hang never
    J. Last clearing of "show interface" counters 0:44:32
    K. Output queue 0/40, 0 drops, inout queue 0/25, 0 drops
    L. Five minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
    M. Five minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
    N. 307 packets input, 6615 bytes, 0 no buffer
    O. Received 0 broadcasts, 0 runts, 0 giants
    P. 0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored, 0 abort
    Q. 0 input packets output, 3810 bytes, 0 underruns
    R. 766 packet output, 3810 bytes, 0 underruns
    S. 0 output errors, 0 collisions, 2 interface resets, 0 restarts
    T. 178 earner transitions

    89. When troubleshooting Frame Relay, pertinent facts can be obtained from the output of the Cisco IOS command show interface serial. Selecting the exhibit button displays a screen capture of this command. Which letter identifies the command output line that most accurately reflects the stability of the frame reply providerís facility-that is, the number of times that DCD has changed state? Note: answer is a single answer.


    90. What is the cause of incorrect interpretations of Q.931 exchanges sent between a Cisco router and an ISDN switch?

    Argument is incorrect for the command ISDN switch-type
    CHAP is used on the router, but PAP is used on the switch.
    ITU-T 1.450 specifications is not fully implemented on the router.
    TE makes a call at 56Kbps, but TE announces a call at 64Kbps
    Information element 0x05 for debug isdn q931 setup is incorrect

    91. What risk do you face when configuring a VTP server off line and then connecting it to the network?

    It may not get root bridge or destinated bridge information.
    It may revert to client mode once you enable online access.
    It may destabilize the spanning tree as it attempts to become root bridge
    It may ignore the config revision numbers incremented on other VTP servers.
    It may cause inconsistency by advertising an inaccurate revision of the domain.

    92. You are troubleshooting problems on a Catalyst 5000 trunk and you notice that there is a disagreement about the VLANs configured to use the trunk. What can you do?

    Remove all the VLANs set for the trunk
    Reload the active VLAN configuration settings
    First clear the affected port, then bring it back up
    Explicitly set the trunk for the VLANs to be on
    Set or clear VLANs on both sides on the link so values do not match.

    93. When my Catalyst 5000 power-up self-test runs, it checks for LEDs, memory (ROM, PROM, and DRAM), and ________. (Choose Two)

    NMP/MCP data integrity
    address recognition logic
    head-of-the-line blocking
    spanning-tree configuration
    link module communication process

    94. What is the purpose of Cisco's port-fast and uplink-fast modes of spanning-tree operation?

    To listen to requests for last learning.
    To act as a preforwarding mode on LANs.
    To set up the port as a fast root bridge or uplink to the root bridge.
    To disable any show Spanning-Tree Protocol operations administratively.
    To change the port rapidly to forwarding state for special LAN or dialup traffic.

    95. What is the function of the Cisco IOS exception dump ip_address command?

    To dump logging traps to a syslog server.
    To direct router exceptions to SNMP manager.
    To identify the server that will receive error messages.
    To set up the router for dump core if and when the next crash occurs.
    To send the memory image of the router immediately to TFTP server.

    96. Which protocol(s) is/are NOT connection-oriented?

    TCP using ARP
    TCP using SYN
    TCP/IP Internet Protocol
    Novell NCP, RIP, SAP, and GNS
    AppleTalk RTMP, ZIP, NBP and ATP

    97. What are the allowed encapsulation modes on the output of the Cisco IOS show interface ATM command?

    VC, VPI, or VCI
    AAL5, PVC, or SVC
    SNAP, NSAP, or SAP
    AAL5, AAL4, or AAL1
    AAL4, AAL5 or LANE

    98. In AppleTalk the encapsulation of a DDP packet failed or the AppleTalk ARP failed. The output of the Cisco IOS show AppleTalk traffic command indicates this by incrementing the count for _____.

    Unknown errors.
    Bad packet.
    MacIP failure.
    Encapsulation failed.

    99. On an Ethernet Interface, you should investigate any indication that there are has been more than one runt per million bytes received. What is a runt?

    A packet that is smaller than 1518 bytes in length.
    A packet that is smaller than the MTU of 1500 bytes.
    A fragmentary packet of 64 bytes caused by collisions.
    A framing error caused by the back-off process in CSMA-CD.
    A packet that is smaller than the medium's minimum packet size?

    100. What can a Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) on the Cisco 7500 series routes accomplish?

    Perform silicon switching.
    Perform autonomous switching.
    Adjust its optimim switch cache.
    Cache routing information from the RSP.
    Perform a route lookup for the first packet.

    101. In contrast to shared switch, switched Ethernet on a Catalyst switch does which two? (Choose two)

    Provides greater access to bandwidth.
    Has fewer utilities, which makes management more difficult.
    Associate a MAC source address with a set of ports for transmission
    Connections directly to end users or other switches.
    Uses software to set up and maintain filtering database.
    Is usually limited to a maximum of 16 ports and eight spanning trees.

    102. You are debugging ISDN layer2. What is a service access point identifier (SAPI) in the output to look for when you troubleshoot call control?


    103. When you look at the output of debug isdn q931, which two call reference flags ("callref= "value) for a given distinguishes source side from destination side? (Choose Two).

    An S (for source) or a D (for destination), prefix
    The flat value in bit 8 of the call reference octet
    The value of the bearer information element 0x7E
    Originator and other side subscriper line message types.
    The 0x3 A service profile ID (SPED) if used in North America.
    A most significant call reference bit value of 0 for source and 1 for destination.

    104. On the Frame Relay near- and far-end DTEs, which configuration element must match on the router and on the switch?

    LML type
    Destination DLCI
    Hardware interface
    Keepalive increments
    Layer 2 encapsulation

    105. Which type of device can be used continuously to track packets crossing a network for frames dropped, bad names, protocol errors, or illegal addresses?

    packet driver
    network monitor
    digital multimeter
    protocol analyzer
    baseline MIB monitor

    106. You have a new interface with problems on your AppleTalk network. Which command should you use to monitor neighbors becoming reachable or unreachable and interfaces going up or down?

    show apple rtmp
    show cdp neighbor
    debug apple events
    debug apple traffic
    show apple neighbors
    show apple neighbors detail

    107. When checking why the line protocol Frame Relay is down, check for possible problems with myseq and myseen keepalive events, which commands show you this?

    show interface serial
    show frame-relay lmi
    debug frame-relay pvc
    debug serial interface
    debug frame-relay events

    108. Two routers are being learned on a router from two different IP routing protocols. However, the protocol selected on the router is running on a slower interface.

    ip cost
    ip distance

    109. Which command displays the LMI DLCI number used on a Frame Relay interface?

    show interfaces
    show frame-relay lmi
    show frame-relay pvc
    show frame-relay dlci

    110. You recently implemented interVLAN routing using an external router on your existing switched network. Now you have many users complaining that they are NOT able to browse the Internet.

    What is the most likely cause of the problem?

    The userís switch ports have portfast disabled.
    Many users are using Category 3 patch cables.
    The router has introduced a spanning-tree loop.
    The VLAN configuration does not match on both sides of the trunk.

    Based on the following configuration, answer the next question.

    111. Which statement is true?

    IPX uses SAP encapsulation
    The router is being configured for a trunk interface.
    The router is connected to a switch whose address is
    The switch uses 802.1Q trunking on the port connected to the router.

    112. Which command copies debug messages to your current terminal display?

    logging monitor
    logging terminal
    terminal monitor
    monitor terminal

    113. A Novell client learns about a server. Which packet does it send to learn a route to the server?

    IPX request
    RIP request
    SAP request
    GNS request

    114. Which command displays the BRI 0 PPP status?

    show ppp status
    show interface bri 0
    shop ppp negotiation
    show ppp interface bri 0
    show dialer

    115. What information is provided by the show ppp multilink command?

    bundle name
    bundle idle time ouot
    bundle flapping record
    bundle disconnect reason

    Use the following exhibit to answer the next question.

    116. In the network shown in the exhibit, ClientA is able to login to ServerA but fails to access either ServerB or ServerC. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)

    IPX routing is disabled on the router.
    The output-sap-filter is configured on the routerís interface e1.
    The GNS-output-filter is configured on the routerís interface e0.
    The RIP and SAP timer values configured on all servers are more than three minutes greater than that configured on the router.

    117. You are troubleshooting a network. You come to the conclusion that the network suffers from a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) problem. Now you want to use the extended ping utility to troubleshoot this problem further. Which two extended ping options should you use? (Select two.)

    Data pattern
    Type of Service
    Sweep rage of sizes
    MTU size of interface
    Set DF bit in IP header

    118. You want to study the status of FECN and BECN packets. What command should you use?

    show interface
    show frame-relay pvc
    show frame-relay lmi
    show frame-relay fecn and show frame-relay becn

    119. You are troubleshooting an Ethernet network segment. It contains four routers with the following IP addresses:

    Router TK1:
    Router TK2:
    Router TK3:
    Router TK4:

    Which routers are able to communicate? (Choose two)

    TK1 talks to TK2.
    TK2 talks to TK3.
    TK3 talks to TK1.
    TK3 talks to TK4.

    120. You are considering the advantages and disadvantages of ISL. What is valid?

    ISL does not support Token Ring.
    ISL adds a 26-byte header to the frame.
    ISL is for switch-to-switch connections only.
    ISL trunk ports recalculate the original frame CRC.