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Cisco Internetwork Design

    1. When discussing with a client about using EIGRP as a routing protocol on their network, what would you tell them about what TYPE of routing protocol it is?

    Advanced Distance Vector
    Adjacency based
    Link State
    Distance Vector

    2. Which of the following conditions would result in recommending switching instead of routing?

    Scarcity of IP addresses
    Media contention problems
    The need for variable-length subnet masks
    Lots of resource-discovery traffic

    3. A broadcast domain ___________ .

    Is all devices contending for the same bandwidth
    Does not usually cross routers
    Is also called a collision domain
    Forwards Domain Name System lookups.

    4. Connecting multiple switched LANs to one router that acts as a collapsed backbone is an attractive design for a client who has ___________ .

    A large number of end stations
    A lot of multimedia bandwidth-intensive traffic
    A requirement for simple configurations
    A lot of cross functional teams that communicate across VLANs

    5. Which of the following is NOT a common reason for updating a campus LAN design? (Choose all that apply)

    New applications need more bandwidth.
    Decreased CPU power at workstations and servers puts more demand on the network.
    Globalization of financial markets requires timely data from around the world.
    Organizational structures are changing.

    6. __________ is supported by routers but not by bridges.

    Bit-reversal of MAC addresses
    Address summarization
    Network management
    Protocol translation

    7. Campus LAN problems can be put into which three categories?

    Media, contention, and transport
    Media, scaling, and bandwidth
    Media, protocol, and transport
    Media, addressing, and protocols

    8. An Ethernet cut-through switch __________ .

    Starts forwarding a frame as soon as the destination address is received.
    Forwards only frames with a legal length.
    Computes the CRC before forwarding a frame.
    Is appropriate for asymmetric switching such as connecting a 10-Mbps Ethernet to a 100 Mbps Ethernet network.

    9. Which of the following statements about VLANs is true?

    VLANs divide up broadcast domains.
    VLANs make security harder to handle.
    VLANs require IEEE 802.10
    VLANs cannot be geographically dispersed.

    10. Tunneling ApleTalk through an IP network _________ .

    Improves AppleTalk performance.
    Might be necessary if policies require that only IP is allowed.
    Should be configured in a ring topology.
    Is automatic and requires no configuration.

    11. A thorough understanding of a protocol suite's overhead traffic and routing updates is especially important when selecting ____________ .

    The server platform.
    A wide-area service.
    The amount of memory required for routers supporting the protocols.
    The encapsulation method employed by the NIC cards.

    12. NetBEUI operates as a complete ___________ protocol in the OSI reference model.

    Network and data link layer
    Session and transport layer
    Transport and data link layer
    Transport and network layer

    13. When designing a network to support desktop protocols, the client/server model requires which of the following?

    Centrally located servers.
    A transmission medium capable of greater than 4 Mbps.
    Additional bandwidth to support overhead traffic.
    Client devices utilizing Pentium processors.

    14. In a Novell environment, it is often a good idea to implement policies controlling resources access by configuring SAP filters __________ .

    On all routers
    On access-layer routers
    On distribution-layer routers
    On core-layer routers

    15. Which of the following AppleTalk designs is most scalable?

    AppleTalk Phase 2 implemented everywhere, Enhanced IGRP used on WANs, and RTMP used on LANs.
    Both AppleTalk Phase 1 and Phase 2 are supported, Enhanced IGRP used on WANs, and RTMP used on LANs.
    AppleTalk phase 2 implemented everywhere, and RTMP used on WANs and LANs.
    AppleTalk Phase 3 and Enhanced IGRP implemented everywhere.

    16. Which of the following is NOT a feature of AURP routing?

    Tunneling through IP Internets and other network systems.
    Remapping of remote network numbers to resolve numbering conflicts.
    Sending the routing table only when a change occurs to reduce traffic on Ethernet and token ring LANs.
    Hop-count reduction to allow the creation of large Internetworks.
    Permits smaller networks than what would be available with RTMP

    17. In a Windows Networking design, selecting how NetBIOS application traffic is carried is critical because ___________ .

    It must be routed.
    It must be bridged.
    It can be bridged or routed.
    It loses sessions on low-speed WAN links.

    18. Cisco's IP eXchange product is __________ .

    A client software package.
    A server software package.
    A software package available for both clients and servers.
    A Cisco IOS router feature first available in Release 11.1.

    19. When designing a medium-to-large-scale network, encapsulating NetBIOS inside of TCP/IP (NBT) is a requirement when __________ .

    A Novel IPX stack is also configured on the end station.
    The are wide-area links.
    Session loss is a concern.
    Bridges connect the different segments together.

    20. NetBIOS operates as a _________ protocol in the OSI reference model.

    Transport Layer
    Session Layer
    Presentation Layer
    Application Layer

    21. When designing and deploying Windows-based networks, which of the following characteristics require the most consideration?

    The flat, bridged network expected by protocol designers.
    The large amount of broadcast traffic required by NetBIOS.
    The maintenance of NetBIOS sessions across WAN links.
    The logical grouping of clients and servers into domains.

    22. The Microsoft LAN services browser feature for name resolution was designed for usage in a flat network topology where __________ .

    All devices shared the same media segment.
    The names of all devices were locally segmented
    Routers were not available.
    Broadcast traffic provided all services.

    23. The Microsoft LAN services browser feature allows a user to locate other users and servers; this lookup feature requires that ___________ .

    All clients and servers register their NetBIOS names periodically.
    All clients and servers only use NetBEUI as the transport method.
    All devices are on the same physical media segment.
    A name translation gateway be available in the network.

    24. The Windows Internet Name service method of name resolution uses _________ addresses to enable clients to dynamically register NetBIOS names and to browse the network.

    statically defined

    25. In a Windows networking environment, a domain is distinguished from a workgroup by the ____________ .

    More wide-spread geographic grouping of clients and servers.
    Presence of greater administrative and security controls.
    Presence of an NT server.
    Use of arbitrary names for the user groups and user Ids.

    26. In a Windows network, clients generate _________ to locate servers.

    SAP advertisements
    Server requests
    Name queries

    27. In addition to a hierarchical design, AppleTalk network designers should use _________ to control overhead traffic.

    one large, centrally administered zone
    advanced routing protocols, such as EIGRP and AURP
    system 7.5 on all client devices

    28. Which protocol would you recommend to connect a Novell server to a Cisco router over a serial link?

    IPX over PPP
    IPXWAN over PPP
    IPXWAN over HDLC
    IPX over HDLC

    29. Novell split horizon for RIP and SAP ___________ .

    Never needs to be disabled.
    Cannot be disabled.
    Can be disabled with NLSP.
    Can be disabled with Enhanced IGRP.

    30. In Novell IPX networks, clients generate ________ to locate servers.

    SAP advertisements
    Unicast service requests
    GNS broadcasts
    Name queries

    31. All AppleTalk routers on a LAN network should be configured as __________ .

    hard-seed routers.
    soft-seed routers.
    soft-seed routers with discovery enabled.
    nonseed routers.

    32. Which protocol does the Remote Access Server feature on Windows NT use as its encapsulation method on WAN links?


    33. Which of the following statements is true regarding Novell NetWare encapsulation on Ethernet?

    The Cisco term arpa is equivalent to the Novel term ETHERNET_802.3 and means an Ethernet version II frame with an Ethertype and no 802.2 header.
    The Cisco term novell-ether is equivalent to the Novell term ETHERNET_802.3 and means an 802.3 header with no 802.2 header.
    The Cisco term sap is equivalent to the Novell term ETHERNET_802.2 and means an 802.3, 802.2, and SNAP header.
    The Cisco term arpa is equivalent to the Novell term ETHERNET_II and means an 802.3 header with an 802.2 header.

    34. ATM LAN emulation (LANE) ___________ .

    Lets LAN stations attached via ATM to treat the ATM network like a broadcast medium.
    Will be required for the future ATM virtual router model.
    Allows LAN stations to use the ATM virtual router model.
    Supports a workstation sending an LE-ARP to the LAN Emulation Configuration Server.

    35. What is the relationship between routing metrics and the Frame Relay Committed Information Rate?

    CIR is ignored for router metric computation.
    CIR affects the bandwidth metric.
    CIR affects IPX ticks.
    CIR affects the MTU metric.

    36. Which of the following is a major issue in a large Novell NetWare network that uses a full-mesh Frame-Relay topology?

    Split horizon cannot be turned off.
    SAP broadcasts uses a substantial amount of bandwidth.
    Snapshot routing is not yet supported to reduce bandwidth usage by RIP.
    Servers do not comply with the Committed Information Rate.

    37. To most effectively use the capabilities of each device in an MMP environment, the process server should be ___________ .

    A separate router with a RISC-based processor to offload packet reassembly from the access servers.
    A router that is integrated into an access server.
    A separate router with a RISC-based processor that does not run the Stackgroup Bidding Protocol to offload packet reassembly from the access server.
    A LAN switch with a RISC-based processor to offload packet reassembly from the access servers.

    38. The major issue in WAN design is _____________ .

    Accomodating many different services and the bandwidth they demand.
    Compatibility with the components used in the LAN design.
    Ensuring that ATM is always deployed at the proper place.
    Limiting the bandwidth consumption by all users of the network.

    39. Unlike LANs, Frame Relay does not inherently support broadcasts. What can be done in a Frame Relay network to support protocols that require broadcasts?

    To simulate a broadcast LAN, inverse ARP can be used.
    A nonbroadcast multi-access model can be used, which elimiates the need for broadcasts.
    Routers connected by a mesh of Frame Relay circuits can copy broadcasts to peers.
    A solution to this issue has not yet been developed.

    40. A remote user that typically dials in from a hotel room ___________ .

    Is classified as an occasional telecommuter or mobile user and would typically use analog dial-in lines.
    Is classified as a dedicated telecommuter or mobile user and would typically use analog dial-in lines.
    Is classified as an occasional telecommuter or mobile user and would typically use ISDN dial-in lines.
    Is classified as a dedicated telecommuter or mobile user and would typically use ISDN dial-in lines.

    41. Subinterface configuration for partial-mesh X.25 networks ___________ .

    Is not supported by Cisco.
    Eliminates nonbroadcast multi-access issues related to split horizon.
    Uses many IP network numbers since each subinterface must map to a network.
    Is quite different from per-virtual-circuit routing.

    42. Which of the following is NOT a rule for X.25 network design?

    Use X.25 switching to provide X.25 services over an IP backbone.
    Use LMI signaling that is compatible with your X.25 carrier.
    Use static routing over reliable X.25 WAN circuits.
    Use a hierarchical design to scale an X.25 nonbroadcast multi-access WAN.

    43. What is the biggest benefit of inverse ARP in a Frame Relay Multipoint network?

    Conformance to standards
    Minimal configuration
    Low protocol overhead

    44. When using remote control, ____________ .

    The remote PC takes over control of a PC attached to a LAN at the central site, which must be turned on.
    The remote PC takes over control of a PC attached to a LAN at the central site, which is powered on by the local modem.
    The remote PC takes over control of a PC attached to a LAN at the central site, which must provide a secure connection.
    The remote PC takes over control of a PC attached to a LAN at the central site, which then can only run a single application for the session.

    45. When designing load balancing in a WAN network, what is the most important rule?

    Use equal-cost paths within each layer of the heirarchy.
    Minimize the number of hops between sites.
    Use Enhanced IGRP for the most effective load balancing.
    Use an odd number of routers (rather than an even number).

    46. Multilink PPP allows aggregation of B-channels by ____________ ?

    Segmentation and sequencing of packets through an additional four-byte field added to the header.
    Segmentation and sequencing of packets through an additional two-byte field added to the header.
    Segmentation and sequencing of packets through a user-configurable field added to the header.
    Segmentation and sequencing of packets through a method to be determined.

    47. When choosing encapsulation for a serial link, you should remember that __________ .

    Cisco's HDLC is not compatible with other vendors' HDLC.
    Link Access Procedure, Balanced is recommended if upper layers are handling error control.
    Cisco's PPP is not compatible with other vendors' PPP.
    Link Access Procedure, Balanced is recommended for IPXWAN.

    48. The BPX uses a ___________ .

    Redundant 9.6-Gbps crosspoint switch matrix.
    Single 9.6-Gbps cell switching bus.
    Redundant 9.6-Gbps cell switching bus.
    Single 9.6-Gbps crosspoint switch matrix.

    49. If your client needs to run SMDS over ATM, you need to warn your client that ___________ .

    Cells cannot be mixed together on the same virtual circuit.
    Messages must arrive in sequence because there is no sequence ID.
    ATM adaption layer 3/4 will be required.
    No CRC will be used.

    50. Primary Rate ISDN consists of _____________ .

    23 bearer and 1 in-band signaling channel in the US, and 30 bearer and 1 out-of-band signaling in Europe.
    23 bearer and 1 out-of-band signaling channel in the US, and 30 bearer and 1 out-of-band signaling in Europe.
    23 bearer and 1 in-band signaling channel in the US, and 30 bearer and 1 in-band signaling in Europe.
    23 bearer and 1 in-band signaling channel in the US, and 29 bearer and 1 out-of-band signaling in Europe.

    51. Which of the following is bad advice regarding choosing an encapsulation protocol for a serial link?

    Use SDLC for compatibility with non-Cisco routers.
    Use Cisco HDLC for AutoInstall support.
    Use Link Access Procedure, Balanced for high-error rate analog media.
    Use PPP for cost-effective dial backup.

    52. In remote access designs, the four main concerns are _________ .

    Availability, cost, speed, distance.
    Cost, applications, speed, distance
    Distance, speed, modem type, and cost.
    End-station type, cost, availability, speed.

    53. A client's list of requirements for a new WAN design include low cost and the need to transfer data but the client will require no voice or video, high speed transfer rates, or low latency. Which technology would you most likely choose?

    Frame Relay

    54. What is an advantage to using a full mesh of ATM virtual circuits?

    Extra router hops that introduce latency are avoided.
    A broadcast brings up the full mest of virtual circuits.
    Configuration is simple.
    Repeated segmentation and reassembly can take place.

    55. To increase throughput in an X.25 network, _____________ .

    Ask your carrier to increase the Window size to 16.
    Ask your carrier to increase the Window size to 32.
    Up to eight SVC's can be established between two routers.
    Up to 16 SVC''s can be established betwen two routers.

    56. Which of the following lists best describes the biggest concerns clients have about WAN design?

    Cabling, topology, compatibility, and cost
    Reliability, flow control, addressing, and connectors
    Amount of traffic, data representation, cost, and standards
    Reliability, cost, amount of traffic, and compatibility

    57. When using the Internet as a remote access method, ____________.

    Each organization has a virtual private network implemented by a tunneling protocol
    All organizations share a single virtual private network using the layer-2 forwarding protocol.
    A virtual private network is created using IP routing protocols and a GRE tunnel.
    The user simply accesses the private corporation network through a domain name.

    58. SNA communications devices are part of a hierarchical structure including ___________ .

    Subarea nodes and logical nodes.
    End-user devices which attach to PU type 2 devices.
    A mainframe (PU type 4) at the top of the hierarchy.
    Peripheral nodes such as front-end processors.

    59. Which of the following statements best describes SNA sessions?

    SNA sessions are connection oriented and implement flow control.
    SNA sessions use LLC type 1 on Token Ring networks.
    SNA sessions are controlled at the Character Transport Architecture (CTA) layer.
    SNA sessions rely on the application layer to implement flow control.

    60. You client has Token Ring SNA users in Kyoto and an SNA mainframe in Tokyo. There is only one Token Ring path to the front-end processors in Tokyo. Because of this you can recommend ____________ .

    A static RIF cache
    Proxy Explorer

    61. Redundant SNA front-end processors ___________ .

    Must have different MAC addresses.
    Let a user's workstation send requests to either front-end processor during an established session.
    Provide redundancy and load balancing on a connection-by-connection basis.
    Can have the same MAC address when connected to the same Token Ring network.

    62. In APPN SNA, a dependent LU _____________ .

    Implements DLUR and DLUS services.
    Issues a BIND statement.
    Requires a downstream PU.
    Requires a DLUR.

    63. You are working with a client who has SNA token ring users in Miami who use a mainframe in San Francisco. Why might you recommend placing the SNA gateway in Miami rather than San Francisco?

    To reduce traffic on the WAN.
    To improve response time for the users.
    To reduce configuration.
    To simplify network management.

    64. One reason to recommend DLSw instead of RSRB in an SNA Token Ring environment is that __________ .

    DLSw is an industry standard.
    DLSw supports LLC2 termination.
    DLSw uses RIF pass-through so the complete end-to-end RIF is visible to a protocol analyzer.
    DLSw reduces LLC2 traffic on the core WAN network.

    65. If your IP client has an application such as LAN TV, collaborative computing, and desktop conferencing, you should help them implement _____________ .

    Variable-length subnet masks.
    Secondary subnet addressing.
    Multicast addressing.
    Private network addresses.

    66. Which factor involved in network design controls how security is implemented?

    Product Availability
    Bandwidth requirements

    67. Which of the following statements is not true about OSPF areas?

    The topology of an area is hidden from the rest of an autonomous system.
    Summarization enables a significant reduction in routing traffic.
    Routing within an area is determined only by the area's own topology.
    Partitioning networks into areas means metrics other than hop count are supported.

    68. When designing a TCP/IP network, emphasis should be placed upon which of the following?

    An IP addressing scheme that uses subnetting to maximize route summarization
    A routing protocol that reduces periodic routing announcements
    A security policy that protects the client from unwanted Internet access.
    A single-vendor solution to ensure compatibility in both the LAN and WAN environments.

    69. If the network security policy includes a firewall router, the router should be configured to ___________ .

    Reject packets from outside that contain the company's internal addresses in the destination address field.
    Reject packets from the outside that contain the company's internal addresses in the source address field.
    Allow virtual terminal port session for troubleshooting purposes.
    Bypass traffic filters because traffic filters impact the router''s ability to rapidly forward traffic.

    70. Variable-length subnetting ___________ .

    Permits a subnet mask that does not have the standard 32-bit length.
    Is best designed by further subnetting one regular subnet.
    Is not usually used in serial links.
    Is recommended so that you can have numerous subnet masks for a given network.

    71. A router has which two distinct tasks?

    Stripping the received header and transmitting a new header.
    Determining the outgoing port for frames and transmitting frames.
    Exchanging routing information with other routers and developing a topology of the network.
    Switching frames and path determination.

    72. On Cisco routers in non-broadcast multi-access networks, split horizon is off by default for _________ .


    73. Which of the following is a characteristic of classless and prefix routing?

    Routing tables can be much longer.
    Several routes might have one destination, but the shortest matching prefix is used.
    One routing entry might match a block of hosts, subnets, or network addresses.
    Switching performance is slower.

    74. OSPF virtual links that connect an area to the backbone through another area _________ .

    Are a normal component of a heirarchical design.
    Have better performance than normal links.
    Simplify the design and configuration.
    Can be avoided in a good design.

    75. When estimating bandwidth used by a routing protocol, which of the following questions is least relevant?

    What path metrics are supported?
    How often are routing updates transmitted?
    What data is transmitted in routing updates?
    Is snapshot routing supported?

    76. Using summarization on OSPF area border routers __________ .

    Reduces CPU overhead on routers in the autonomous system when a link is going up and down within an area.
    Is automatically handled; no configuration is necessary.
    Causes specific link information to be propogated to the backbone.
    Causes every router in the autonomous system to recompute Dijkstra''s algorithm when any link changes state.

    77. A university was assigned a class B IP network number. The university has a North Campus, Central Campus, and South Campus. Each campus has 50 networks and each network has 150 nodes. Which of the following statements is correct regarding a good OSPF addressing scheme for the university?

    Each area border router will advertise a subnet mask of
    The first two bits of the third octet can be used to define the four areas required.
    A standard subnet mask of cannot be used on the campuses.
    A standard subnet mask of can be used on the campuses even if the number per campus doubles to 100.

    78. Both distance-vector and link-state protocols converge more quickly if there is ___________ .

    Load balancing.
    Consistent use of the Network Time Protocol.
    A loop-detection mechanism.
    Route redistribution between protocols.

    79. What is one advantage distance-vector protocols have over link-state protocols?

    A protocol analyzer user can determine a router's routing table by looking at distance-vector routing table updates.
    A protocol analyzer user can test the administrative distance option for distance-vector routing protocols.
    A protocol analyzer user can calculate Dijkstra's algorithm by looking at routing table updates.
    A protocol analyzer user can generate distance-vector routing table updates.

    80. Which of the following is NOT a consideration when calculating IGRP convergence time?

    The time to detect carrier loss on a serial link.
    The time to detect beaconing on an Ethernet segment.
    The time it takes for routers to send triggered updates.
    Internetwork diameter.

    81. Which of the following items is NOT a consideration when selecting a routing protocol for an Internetwork?

    The complexity of converting from the current routing protocol.
    The ability to support variable length subnet masking.
    The ability to support a wide variety of user applications.
    The time for the network to converge after a topology change.

    82. When a router provides connectivity between two different switched subnets, configure the router to provide ____________ .

    Broadcast forwarding.
    Secondary addressing.
    Different routing protocols.
    Fast ARP caching.

    83. A cisco router can be configured to perfrom the network address translation function; this software feature is first available in which version of Cisco IOS?


    84. Which of the following rules is least relevant to IGRP convergence time?

    The faster the data link, the lower the update interval can be set.
    Make the invalid timer three times greater than the update timer.
    IGRP does not allow dicontiguous subnets.
    IGRP summarizes at network boundaries.

    85. Which of the following approaches is NOT an aspect of a secure network design?

    Data encryption
    Access management
    Data compression
    Firewall devices

    86. Major network numbers are subnetted at a fixed length, to provide ____________ .

    Greater administrative control of traffic.
    A greater number of hosts per segment.
    Better utilization of addressing space.
    An easy conversion between binary and decimal numbers.

    87. Which of the following IP network ranges us NOT reserved for private network addresses?

    88. When Enhanced IGRP is used with IPX _____________ .

    Redistribution of Enhanced IGRP routers requires configuration.
    Routers in the Enhanced IGRP cloud update the hop count and ticks when advertising routes that were learned from IPX RIP.
    Enhanced IGRP tracks the IPX routing metrics as external metrics.
    IPX can learn about IP routes.

    89. When performing name-to-address translation, Cisco's DNS/DHCP Manager product is unique because it _____________ .

    Manages domain names.
    Synchronizes IP addresses.
    Provides dynamic address allocation.
    Supports secondary addressing.

    90. Which of the following is NOT one aspect of the Internetwork design step of developing the Internetwork structure?

    Designing a name space.
    Monitoring network performance.
    Assessing cost and risks.
    Analyzing user requirements.

    91. What are the two Internetwork design goals that most often are a tradeoff?

    Designing a scalable network and maximizing network availability.
    Meeting the customer's business requirements and maximizing network availability.
    Keeping the costs down and maximizing network availability.
    Using state-of-the-art solutions and maximizing network availability.

    92. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a well-designed core layer in the hierarchical design model?

    User services support.
    Redundancy and fault tolerance.
    Fast convergence time.

    93. A typical Internetwork design goal is to:

    Minimize the size of an Internetwork
    Analyze business requirements.
    Maximize scalability.
    Maximize client/server traffic.

    94. Which of the following is an advantage to controlling Internetwork diameter?

    Predictable latency.
    Complex topologies supported.
    Limited broadcast forwarding.
    Improved load balancing.

    95. When gathering data for a new Internetwork design, you should ___________ .

    Develop an understanding of business information flow.
    Develop the Internetwork structure and topology.
    Pay no regard to corporate politics.
    Configure the Internetworking devices.

    96. Internetwork design models ___________ .

    Simplify complex design problems.
    Are described in many text books and user manuals.
    Are static because basic technologies do not change often.
    Include router configuration guidelines.

    97. Which of the following is NOT a rule associated with the hierarchical design model?

    Use a consistent number of layers throughout the Internetwork.
    Use consistent bandwidth links within each layer of the model.
    Design the core for maximum availability.
    Implement policy and security at the access layer.

    98. Which of the following customers can probably meet their security requirements with a simple firewall system?

    Company ABC wants to make sure customers can see public marketing data but no proprietary sales figures.
    University ABC wants to make sure students can see but not change their grades in administrative databases.
    Company XYZ wants to make sure employees do not download software from unauthorized sites.
    Univeristy XYZ wants to make sure that public domain software developed at the university stops working after a period of time if the user does not pay shareware fees.

    99. What is the relationship between routing metric and Frame Relay CIR?

    CIR affects the bandwidth metric.
    CIR affects IPX ticks.
    CIR is ignored for router metric computation.
    CIR affects the MTU metric.

    100. A multiport router with one LAN and several WAN connections would be used for _________ .

    A small home/office with a few users.
    Very secure connections.
    Remote gateway applications only.
    Power users in hotel rooms.

    101. What version of IOS supports PIM?

    11.2 and later
    10.3(9) and later
    10.8 and later
    10.2 and later

    102. Which AAL is known as being simple and efficient?


    103. An LU gateway can be collocated with either the host or the client.

    True False

    104. In an SNA network with RSRB, TCP encapsulation uses for LOCAL ACK to __________ .

    Determine subnet scopes.
    Determine distance to the gateway.
    Integrate UNIX support.
    Ensure guaranteed delivery.

    105. Which of the following are Point-to-Point and Multipoint Protocols?

    Frame Relay

    106. NetBIOS end stations use names to communicate with servers. Device names on the network are learned through extensive use of ___________ .

    ARP request
    Static mapping
    Data-link layer broadcasts
    DHCP servers

    107. Your client has recently upgraded the users in a Token Ring network to PCs running 3270 emulation software. What would you recommend to provide access to an SNA mainframe in New York across a serial link?


    108. If you have SNA clients, the mainframe, and the FEP all in the same location and only one path to the FEP, which of the following could you use?

    Proxy Explorer

    109. When DNS (Domain Name Service) is used, what must be placed side by side with it in the NT server?

    Name Binding
    ARP server

    110. What does IPX use to locate servers?

    Name Queries

    111. What is the biggest benefit of inverse ARP in a Frame Relay multipoint network?

    Conformance to standards.
    Minimal configuration.
    Low protocol overhead

    112. What additional benfits are realized by network designs that employ the Internet DNS model of translating a NetBIOS name to an IP address?

    Bandwidth utilization is improved because broadcast traffic is reduced.
    Latency for name translation is reduced because functionality is distributed amongst different servers.
    The amount of administrative overhead is reduced because an Internet DNS server understands NetBIOS names and IP addresses that were either statically or dynamically assigned.
    Latency for name translation is reduced because functionality is centralized into one server.

    113. When comparing legacy SNA to APPN, which statement is least relevant?

    In legacy SNA, the user's station has no intelligence
    (answer missing)
    Legacy SNA is based on the ability to send request response units (RUs) over a path control network.
    The goal of legacy SNA was efficient use of expensive, low bandwidth serial WAN.

    114. To authenticate remote users, you could ____________ .

    Use a server that implements TACACS+ or Radius.
    Use per-user access lists at the access server.
    Use the SLIP protocol with CHAP.
    Require the user to call the network administrator prior to login.

    115. A medium sized campus network design using NETBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT) and static name resolution in the LMHOSTS file has been proposed. There is a need to translate NETBIOS names to IP addresses for the entire campus. Which of the following would provide a bandwidth-conscious, administratively low-cost solution?

    LAN Services Browser
    An Internet DNS Windows 2000 Server in each necessary location.
    A centrally located WINS server
    Additional entries in the LMHOSTS file for all devices in each domain.

    116. Which of the following policies would most likely be implemented at the distribution layer of the hierarchical model?

    Charging for internetwork usage (accounting).
    Controlling email privacy.
    Controlling access to resources.
    Controlling names used for servers and workstations.

    117. Which statements are true of SAP and RIP advertisements in an IPX network?

    RIP updates every 60 seconds with 50 networks per 432 bytes packet.
    SAP updates every 60 seconds with 7 SAPS per 480 bytes packet.
    SAP updates every 90 seconds with 7 SAPS per 480 bytes packet.
    RIP updates every 90 seconds with 50 networks per 432 bytes packet.
    SAP updates generate more traffic than RIP updates.
    SAP updates generate less traffic than RIP updates.