@emit Hello World!

submitted by: (Jeff Blaine)

@create World
@lock world=me
@set world=monitor
&1st world=^* says, "test":&2nd me=Hello World!;@wait 3=@pemit %n=Message 
from World: [get(me\2nd)];@wait 6=pose wakes up 

submitted by: (Yale Liu)

TinyMush, TinyMUX, TinyMUSE

The first example for MUSH/MUSE will work with TinyMUSH, TinyMUX,
and TinyMUSE.  However, a more concise way to do it with TinyMUSH
and TinyMUX is:
\\Hello, World!
The second example for MUSH/MUSE will not work with TinyMUSH and,
most likely, TinyMUX and TinyMUSE.  Also, it would be inefficient
even if it did work.
An example of TinyMUSH code that repeatedly prints "Hello, World!"
would be:
@create Hello spammer
@listen hello spammer=Hello, World!
@amhear hello spammer=\\Hello, World!
@trigger hello spammer/amhear
If anyone runs this, they should be @booted from the system.  ;)
This is probably the most concise way of doing it, though.
There is also a way of doing it with older versions of TinyMUSH
that uses a bug which causes the server, if not the whole machine,
to crash.  This method, however, is far too involved and evil to
describe.  I'm sure at least one MUSH god knows what I'm referring
to . . .

The examples given for TinyMUX assume a certain configuration
parameter that may not be enabled on all MUXes.  Also, if you
type them as they are, you will not get "Hello, World!" output.
The above examples for TinyMUSH, however, are likely to work on
all MUXes, and you will get "Hello, World!" output immediately.

I'm not familiar enough with TinyMUSE to attempt a repeating
version, but it would probably be significantly different.
And then there's PennMUSH and the TinyTIM dialect . . .

submitted by: mah20@po.CWRU.Edu (Mark A. Hagenau)