These documents and tools were created by me while I worked at Verio as well as all the time since then. As such, there are still some references to "customers" and maybe even some procedures we used while I worked there. Since the content is just fine, just a bit weird to read, I haven't updated these and am focusing more on adding new content rather than fixing these "bugs".

If you are interested in seeing more content added to the site, and particularly if you have any topics you would like to see covered, then please let me know. I am interested in adding content/tools that will be read and used. So, anytime I run across stuff that I think is useful, I add it.

Recently Updated Documents
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    Unix Permissions
    Unix Man Pages
    Web Browser User Agents
    Online Whois Tool
    Web-based Dig
    Web Based NSLookup
    Online Traceroute
    Cellular Signal Strength
    Programming Language Syntax
    Introduction to Perl
    Web Technologies Cheat Sheets
    Top 100 Internet Host Names
    Text Attribute Examples
    Text Characteristics
    Guide to Tables
    Document Structure Tags
    Generate a Self-Signed Certificate
    Roundcube Webmail Client
    Regex to Remove HTML Tags