Electricity Cost Caculator

Please enter your power supply size in watts as well as your cost per kHw to find what your machine costs to run 24 hours a day.

How to save on your energy bills?

  • Use high efficency PSU's
  • Set your PC to go into standby while not in use
  • Turn off your PC while gone for long periods of time.

How much electricity does my computer use?
How much electricity do my computers use?
How much electricity does my server use?
How much electricity do my servers use?

Electronics/Status Usage in Watt's
Common 19-20" LCD / In Use 35-40
Common 21-24" LCD / In Use 35-65
Common 17" CRT / In Use 80
Common 19" CRT / In Use 95
Display / In Stand By 5-15
Notebooks PC / In Use 30-45
Gaming Notebook / In Use 45-215

The items above are esimates and you should contact the manufacture of your product to find the exact usage numbers.

Power supply Size in watts
Hours in use per day
Cost per kWh (aprox. cost of green energy)
Days per month (average)
$ Cost per Day
$ Cost per Month
$ Cost per Year