How to automount USB file system with Hal in the K4 Desktop Environment

The mounting of a removable device by a user may be granted with the PolicyKit Authorization tool under the Advanced tab of System Settings. To accomplish this you will need to run System Settings with root authorization. This can be achieved in several manners, but typing su and entering a password isn't one of them. If you are already capable of obtaining root authorization your own way, stick with that. Using the "ALT F2" shortcut keys then entering "kdesu systemsettings" works best.

Edit /etc/fstab and add the following line:

proc           		/proc       	procfs  rw  		0   	0

Hit "ALT F2" and run "kdesu systemsettings"

Ensure you have a default PolicyKit.conf file by doing the following:

cd /usr/local/etc/PolicyKit/
sudo cp PolicyKit.conf.dist PolicyKit.conf

Open PolicyKit Authorization under the Advance tab. Open org.freedesktop > Hal > Storage and select Mount file systems from removable drives. On the right side of the tab select the Grant button. In the popup window select User drop down list pick whichever user you wish to grant this authorization to.

One thing to note is that my device notification came up and when I opened it it opened my home directory. However, after this, the device shows up now in the /media folder even when not plugged in and on the second try, clicking on the device notification worked like a champ.