Important Notes files to save or backup

The following is a list of Notes files that you may want to save or backup in case you ever need to uninstall Notes and then reinstall it at another time.

Note You may not have all of these files.

File nameLocationComments
BOOKMARK.NSFNotes\Data directoryContains your saved bookmarks and Welcome Page information.
BUSYTIME.NSFNotes\Data directoryContains your local free time information.
DESKTOP6.NDKNotes\Data directoryThis is your Workspace that maps to your bookmarks.
HEADLINE.NSFNotes\Data directoryContains your Database Subscriptions information.
INSTALL.LOGNotes program directoryContains the configuration information based on the options available when you install Notes. This file is used for comparison when you upgrade to new versions of Notes.
INTERNET.NSFNotes\Data directoryContains information from your newsgroup subscriptions (NNTP).
NAMES.NSFNotes\Data directoryContains your contacts, connections, locations, and Personal Address Book information.
NOTES.ININotes program directory Contains the information you provide when you set up Notes, including the options you select in User Preferences. May also contain information created by your administrator. This file gets deleted when you uninstall Notes.
PERWEB.NSFNotes\Data directoryThis is your Personal Web Navigator database that contains Web browser information.
USER.DICNotes\Data directoryContains all of the words you have added to your personal dictionary through the "Add to Dictionary" option in the Spell Checker.
*.NSFNotes\Data directoryLocal databases that you create are stored in the Data directory.
<yourname>.NSF (local copy)Notes\Data directoryContains your Mail, Calendar, and To Do list. This only shows up in the Data directory if you have a local replica of your Mail file.
<yourname>.IDNotes\Data directoryThis is your User ID file. You need this to access Notes.